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Who are we?

SPACE North East is a Community Interest Company, founded by Sunderland-born James Fildes to support men in the North East of England who are suffering with depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Nationally, one man dies every 2 hours from suicide and unfortunately, the North East suffers the highest rates in the country. Men account for over 75% of those deaths.

Cory Evans & James Fildes

James' story

James, the founder and director of SPACE North East, was almost one of those statistics himself. James suffered with depression for a decade, ending in him ultimately making the decision to take his own life.

Thankfully, he managed to talk himself out of it, and so he dragged himself to get help at his local GP. This wasn't a quick process, but for the first time he could see a way out of the darkness, and he also found a purpose for his life...

He decided that when he'd recovered, he'd dedicate his life to helping others, so that if anybody feels like they want to end their own life, there will always be somewhere for people to go for support.

There is ALWAYS a way out.

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce suicides in the North East and provide men with the support they need, when they need it.

Every Wednesday, we host peer-to-peer support groups for men in the North East at 19:00, in the Beacon of Light. This year, our catalogue of events will also include:


Guest/motivational speakers


Walking groups


Educational/cultural events



Mental Health Support